SOL Foods Story

Our Mission:

To empower people to find their own path to health!

We love to listen to our locals and find out what healthy and organic products they need in their lives.

SOL Foods is a place where people come to learn how they can implement health into their own lives.

We love being able to share our passion in organic food and healthy living.

SOL FOODS provides a complete range of organic groceries, body products, home products and natural supplements. We also have a wicked tea and herb wall that you can pick and choose your own amounts from and make your very own tea blends!

Our Longevity Cafe produces fresh organic, fair-trade coffee, tea, home brewed chai and super food hot chocolates! Our range of fresh daily made lunches and organic raw super food cakes and treats will keep you coming back for more!!

We love watching the smile on peoples faces when they know they are putting good food into their bellies and making positive changes in their lives to live better.

We love our community and our town, which means we are always striving to support locals and share the love!

SOL FOODS is the shop that loves you back!